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Bayee Small Chair

Product Description | Detail

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Bayee Small Chair was designed exclusively for the infant starting from 0 – 3 years old. It was made basely from pine wood and free toxic, make it suitable and safety for the baby. It can be nicely combined and purchased with the baby bed BD0301 or other baby bed to make it a complete functional set. This product can be purchased separately and we are always accepting custom made design.

Product Information

  • It was made by a solid pine and mixed wood.

  • It can be easily cleaned and cared.

  • Known for it save-up-a-lot-of-space for it small cute dimension.

  • Steady and able to hold up to average 30kg of mass.

  • It is easy to move around by the adult.

Product Dimension

  • Width: 30 cm

  • Depth: 30 cm

  • Height: 60 cm

  • Seat width: 25cm

  • Seat depth: 25 cm

  • Seat height: 30 cm

  • Max. load: 30 kg

RM 150

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