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Bayee Cot Cinderella

Product Description|Detail

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RM 1800

Product Information

Bayee Cot Cinderella designed exclusively for the infant starting from 0 – 3 year old. Just like its name, we took Cinderella from the fairy tale as our inspiration. Not only it is comfy and safe for the little one, it is also visually stunning to be place in your room. Made basely by pine making it steady and long lasting. Organized and looking nice is one of our mottos along with safety and secured. This make our product trusted and worth it. This product can be purchased separately and we are always accepting custom made design.

  • It was made by a solid pine.

  • Suitable with a standard 120 cm x 60 cm cot mattress.

  • Require low maintenance.

  • Long lasting organic product.

  • Look nice and suitable for the girl.

Product Dimension

  • Length: 138 cm

  • Width: 80 cm

  • Height: 93 cm

  • Bed width: 60 cm

  • Bed length: 120 cm

  • Max. load: 30 kg

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