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Bayee Cabinet

Product Description | Detail

Bayee Cabinet was designed along with the Bayee Wardrobe and can be purchased separately or as a complete set. This product might be suitable for those who are liking minimalist aesthetic and want more useful space to use. Made majorly by white board and Formica laminate making it steady and light to lift. Can be organized up to your liking and the number of purchasing. This product can be purchased separately and we are always accepting custom made design.

Product Information

  • Made by a steady white board and Formica Laminate for the surface.

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance.

  • It required a small space to place.

  • Easy to handle and light to lift.

  • It can fit a perfectly reasonable amount of clothes and shoes.

Product Dimension


  • Width: 36 cm

  • Depth: 36 cm

  • Height: 36 cm


  • Width: 36 cm

  • Depth: 36 cm

  • Height: 46 cm

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